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Marking the Announcement About Relocation

Standing in front of employees and the news media explaining a location project is really, really stressful

Regardless of where you are in the site selection process, what will you do if employees begin asking about a relocation or consolidation before you are ready with answers? What will you say if the Mayor or a local reporter calls?

Being forced to provide an untimely confirmation of a potential site selection project can occur because of surprising events. Employees could start whispering rumors or post inaccurate information on social media because an employee overheard part of a conversation. Or a premature comment by a politician in a candidate community might spark a newspaper story in another city, which of course will be picked up by the media in your community.

The Best PR – Be Pro-Active

It’s common for the “PR part” to be a particularly difficult component of a location project, particularly if you are the one who has to make the speech to the employees, field inquiries from stakeholders, or face cameras and microphones aimed at you from the hometown press.

Creating a credible message is a must. There are virtues in preparing a location announcement in advance because variations can be used with employees and other audiences. If the event is big enough to eventually spark press interest, that announcement can be speedily volunteered to the media. Doing so would be in line with a responsive communications style, which helps a company's image better than failing to respond at all.

Joe has served as a press spokesperson for multi-state real estate transactions when ownership changed on the 644-mile Boston-New York-Washington rail line and when manufacturing facilities in New York, Ohio and Florida were sold or closed. Today, he helps clients fashion statements for the news media, employees and public officials should a company not want to run the risk of alerting employees by relying on in-house staff to do such writing.

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