The 'Instant Non-Disclosure Agreement' Takes Effect  Automatically Upon First Contact.

Working to Earn Your Trust ....

If you are reluctant to speak with a location expert because of confidentiality concerns – and if you can’t ask your Law Department to supply a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) because doing so may set off 'alarm bells' – here is a legally binding solution:

This "Instant Agreement" is in effect from the moment you make your first phone call or send your first email to Joseph Vranich. The document is written from your perspective with client-centered provisions as strong or stronger than what is found in a typical corporate NDA. If there is a conflict between your NDA and this Instant NDA, the terms of your NDA shall control under this Agreement.

Any inquiry whatsoever is considered confidential and privileged as if the following Non-Disclosure Agreement were signed. The document is “pre-executed” by Joseph Vranich and is in effect instantaneously. It is unnecessary for you to complete this form and transmit it to receive an immediate commitment to confidentiality. However, it you want to execute the document, complete the lines at the end of this page, transmit it, and receive a signed document specifically directed to you.

Client-friendly NDA

This non-disclosure agreement (the "Agreement") is by and between Spectrum Location Solutions (hereinafter referred to as “SLS”) and the entity ("the Company,” which includes its divisions, subsidiaries and agents) that is transmitting this document. SLS and the Company (“the Parties”) agree as follows:

1. Purpose and Restrictions.

The Parties anticipate exchanging information for the purpose of establishing a potential business relationship. Some or all of the information to be disclosed by the Company may be proprietary or confidential. Such information must be protected as such by SLS and must not be disclosed regardless of whether the Company engages SLS to provide services.

2. Confidential Information Provided to SLS.

"Confidential Information" shall mean all information disclosed by the Company which is provided orally or is in written, electronic, photographic, or other tangible form. If the Company wishes to identify information as "Confidential," "Proprietary," "Private," or in any other manner indicating its confidential and/or proprietary nature that is fine. Nonetheless, all information is treated as such.

3. Confidential Information by SLS.

Should an ensuing business relationship occur, SLS will obtain certain data, information and perspectives relating to the Company’s objectives from Economic Development agencies or others. SLS’s obligation of Confidentiality shall extend to all such information which is provided to the Company orally or in written, electronic, photographic, or other form.

4. Maintaining Confidentiality During Outreach.

Should SLS compile and distribute Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and conduct negotiations with private and public entities, it shall do so without revealing the identity of the Company. Such confidentiality shall be maintained by relying on a Project Code Name until such time as state or local statues or arrangements for meetings require identification. Even then, Economic Development agencies and others will be requested to agree to a NDA provided by SLS or in some instances as required by national governments, state law or local ordinances.

5. Safeguards.

SLS shall use the same degree of care in safeguarding the Confidential Information as it uses for its own confidential information of like importance, but no less than reasonable care. Upon learning of any disclosure or misuse of Confidential Information, SLS shall notify the Company and shall act to prevent any further disclosure or misuse. [Note: in 26 years of being in business known as SLS or predecessor brand names, there has not been one instance of any disclosure or misuse of Confidential information.]

6. Extension to Strategic Partner Network.

SLS may disclose Confidential Information to selective members of its "Strategic Partner Network" (a.k.a. "Preferred Solutions Provider Network," "Associates," “Affiliates,” "contractors," "sub-contractors" and "employees"), provided that the member has a need to know and does not have an interest competitive to or adverse to the Company. All members are subject to all terms of this Agreement.

7. Exception for Public Domain Information.

SLS's obligation of confidentiality and restriction on use shall not apply to information when it is generally available to the public (or becomes so) without the fault or negligence of SLS.

8. Potential Disclosure Issues.

Laws, regulations and government policies may require eventual identification of the Company. If so, it is customary for public agencies and public officials to agree to Non Disclosure Agreements prior to final negotiations or to issuance of an offer letter. No such identification shall occur without the Company’s prior approval. The Company understands that a refusal to release its identity may at times result in more difficult negotiations for economic incentives or financial benefits or a failure to receive an attractive offer letter from public and private authorities. Such circumstances are beyond the control of SLS.

9. Required Disclosures.

The Company understands that SLS may be required to disclose Confidential Information as required by law, regulation, subpoena or other legal process. However, SLS shall (a) give the Company written notice promptly upon receipt of a disclosure requirement and before the disclosure is made to allow the Company the opportunity to take appropriate legal measures to protect the Confidential Information, (b) take reasonable actions and provide reasonable assistance to the Company to secure appropriate treatment of the Confidential Information, and (c) disclose only such Confidential Information as is required.

10. Copies.

SLS shall make only such copies of Confidential Information as are necessary and if so shall reproduce all of the Company’s proprietary or confidential markings thereon.

11. Return.

All confidential Information shall remain the property of the Company, and all copies and excerpts thereof shall be promptly returned to the Company upon request, except that SLS's legal counsel may retain a copy of the cover email or letter for use as a record of the disclosure. If permitted by the Company and with written notice to the Company, SLS may destroy such copies and excerpts instead of returning them. If the Company requests, SLS shall certify that it has destroyed any and all electronic and paper documents.

12. Public Notice Limitation.

In the event that the parties enter into a formal business relationship, neither party shall issue any public statement or press release regarding such a relationship without the prior, written consent of the other party.

13. No Rights Granted.

Nothing herein shall be construed as granting to SLS any proprietary rights, express or implied, including but not limited to copyright, patent, trade secret, or trademark rights in the Company’s Confidential Information, other than the right to use it for the Purpose of this Agreement.

14. Competition.

In no case shall SLS use the Company’s Confidential Information to design, produce or promote services or products competitive with or injurious to those of the Company.

15. Hiring Limitation.

In no case shall SLS solicit or agree to hire any person employed by the Company, it's subcontractors, affiliates or agents.

16. Governing Law and Arbitration.

This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California. The Parties agree that they shall use their best efforts to amicably resolve any dispute relating to this Agreement. Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably shall be settled by final binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator or arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Such arbitration shall be conducted in Orange County, California, unless some other place is mutually agreed upon by the parties. Within thirty (30) days after the commencement of the arbitration, each party shall select one person to act as arbitrator, and the two arbitrators so selected shall select a third arbitrator within fifteen (15) days of their appointment. Each party shall bear its own costs and expenses and an equal share of the arbitrator's expenses and administrative fees of arbitration.

17. Non-Termination.

This Non Disclosure Agreement never terminates. SLS agrees to protect the Company's Confidential and Proprietary information in perpetuity, except as required by law or regulation, regardless of whether the Company engages the services of SLS.

18. In Effect Immediately.

The Effective Date of this Agreement is immediately upon the first contact with Joseph Vranich be it in person, by phone, by email, by text or by letter. The provision also applies when third parties have referred the Company to SLS or SLS to the Company.

19. Signatures.

This Agreement is in force even without active execution.

If the Company prefers, both parties may execute the Agreement by electronic means and the parties authorize that their electronic signatures act as their legal signatures. Electronic signatures shall have the same effect in all respects as original handwritten signatures. (You are not required to conduct this transaction through use of an electronic signature, but if you do so, then you hereby give your authorization pursuant to this paragraph.)

Optional Methods of Execution and Transmission:

The Company executes this Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement by completing the section immediately below simply by typing the name, etc. and sending it via email to



The following indicates that this Agreement is pre-executed by Spectrum Location Solutions and is legally binding. If requested, a handwritten signature on a complete document will be provided to the Company or its Agent.

Name: Joseph Vranich

Title: Principal

Spectrum Location Solutions