Client List

We help companies large and small find locations where they can thrive

The sample client listing below includes companies where site selection projects included as few as twenty employees up to more than a thousand.

If you are a small or mid-sized privately owned company, please know that we are sensitive to the needs of closely-held firms. After all, that is what we are, too. Also, we have close personal connections with our Associates and their families. Hence, we know that lifestyle factors are important when you and your employees consider locating in or expanding to a new community.

Some companies mentioned below have been my clients exclusively. Others are larger projects that I've shared through teaming arrangements with site selection professionals located in different parts of the United States. Also, some examples are the exclusive province of colleagues who have long records in location projects (some have been in the business for 25-to-30 years). All in all, the list illustrates the variety of industries served by site selection professionals and negotiators who have assisted more than 1,200 clients. – Joe Vranich

  • Avalon Laboratories, Inc.

  • BAE Systems

  • Ducommun AeroStructures

  • Harco Aerospace

  • Honda Composite Planes

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Raytheon

  • Stratos Aircraft

  • United Launch Alliance

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Mitsubishi

Consumer Products & Services
  • Lifetime Fitness

  • Outward Hound

  • Technogym

Consulting Firms
  • Cargo Velocity

  • Ketchum Public Relations

Financial & Insurance
  • Capital One

  • Cessna Finance

  • Prudential Financial Services

  • UNIFY Financial Credit Union

Food & Beverage
  • Barcardi

  • General Mills

  • Carnation

  • Green Giant

  • Guinness

  • Johnsonville Sausages

  • Michael Foods

  • Nestle Waters

  • Pillsbury

  • Seagram's

Health Care & Biotech
  • Bay State Health

  • BioMarin Pharaceuticals

  • Medtronic

  • Novartis

  • United Health Group

  • U.S. & Canada Academy of Pathology

  • 3M

  • Access Electronics Inc.

  • Alcoa Fastening Systems

  • Bose Speakers

  • Cooper Standard Automotive

  • ESCO Turbine Technologies

  • Hydro Aluminum

  • Maytag

  • Owens-Illinois

  • Siemens

  • Sorbent Products

  • State Industrial Products

  • Tyco Electronics

Nutritional Supplements
  • Stemtech International, Inc.

Technology, Computers, Software
  • Gateway Computer

  • IBM

  • Ingenix

  • Intuit

  • Panasonic

  • Rackspace

Transportation & Warehousing
  • BAX Global

  • International Logistics Solutions

  • Lufthansa Airlines

  • Sysco