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  Why Get Help?

There is no such thing as a "perfect" community, an "ideal" city, or a "matchless" region. But there are "optimal" locations that meet your future business needs. Locating them requires an organized, systemic, unbiased approach.

Selecting a new site for expansion, relocation or consolidation is a relatively infrequent event that requires expertise not normally found among internal staffs. In fact, such projects can seriously distract executives and managers from normal business operations.

Because you've got a company to run, you can free up your time by relying on impartial experts to help in ways that are tailored to meet your requirements.

In working with you, the first step I will take is to understand your business issues as they relate to your location project. We will discuss in complete confidence your priorities and circumstances. We will help determine the logistical, financial and human factors appropriate to potential optimal locations.

After you provide parameters, we know what to look for. On an unbiased basis, we review site factors to interpret proximity to markets, workforce factors, educational and training resources, taxes, political climate, transportation options, site availability, utility costs, economic incentives and financing options. We evaluate quality-of-life and cost-of-living factors to find locations that attract qualified employees and enhance staff retention.

On small to mid-range projects, I am able to to perform the majority of the work. On larger projects, I rely on peers in my Strategic Partner Network to assist. From the outset, you will know who will work on your project and we will open lines of communication with everyone involved.

The Three Phases of a Location Project

Stage One – Assessment: Here, Joe works with you to clarify strategy, listens to your business and lifestyle concerns and offers options for consideration. These conversations vary considerably depending upon the concerns and hopes of the participants, the stability of the business and overall future goals. Virtually always a "broad-brush" list of candidate communities emerges from these discussions.

Stage Two – Site Selection & Incentives Consulting: Experts with long experience in site selection and working with economic development agencies will advance your project. We will circulate a Request for Information from the proper agencies in your initial candidate communities. The inquiries are done on an anonymous basis, which protects your company's identity. As locations are considered the list of candidate communities narrows until semi-finalists and finalists are identified. Should your company qualify for economic incentives, you can be represented by experienced negotiators.

Stage Three – The Actual Transition: The final phase can be as frustrating as it is exciting. What may need alteration are policies on relocation if key personnel are to be induced to move to a new community; on compensation for employee familiarization trips and moving expenses; on furloughs; and on retention bonuses to keep key personnel in a soon-to-be-closed facility.

'The hardest part is getting started': That is a statement we hear from virtually everyone contemplating a new location for their enterprise. Call us and we will demystify the process.

Whether you are a family-owned business, a mid-sized company, or a large corporation, services will be customized to meet your requirements. For a free initial consultation, contact me by email or by calling 949-551-3150. (Many callers are unable to speak freely during normal business hours and for that reason I am accustomed to evening and weekend calls.) You are guaranteed Instant Confidentiality. – Joe Vranich


Our Mission
We help companies grow with new facilities, improve efficiencies by consolidating workplaces, or become more competitive by relocating to less costly areas. We help design the smoothest move to the optimum location to meet your business and lifestyle goals.


Spectrum Location Solutions