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A new study shows that about 10,000 companies left California in the last eight years to reduce costs and improve prospects of growing their businesses. The report provides details about such events by company name, ranks the popularity of the destination states and cities, and outlines the difficulties of doing business in the 'Golden State.' See “California Business Departures: An Eight-Year Review 2008-2015”.

Finding Help for Your Location or Relocation Project

There is no such thing as a "perfect" community, an "ideal" city, or a "matchless" region. But there are "optimal" locations that meet your future business needs. Locating them requires an organized, systemic, unbiased approach.

Selecting a new site for expansion, relocation or consolidation is a relatively infrequent event that requires expertise not usually found among internal staffs. In fact, such projects can inhibit staff from conducting normal business operations.

Because you've got a company to run, you can free your time by relying on an impartial expert to help in ways that are tailored to meet your requirements. Here, in general, is how the process works regardless of the size of your company:

 The Three Phases of a Location Project

Phase I – Assessment, Outreach & Data Collection: In confidence, Joe Vranich will work with you to understand your business issues, clarify strategy, and focus on lifestyle concerns. The conversations will focus on operational goals, the nature of the business and the concerns and hopes of the participants. A "broad-brush" list of candidate communities emerges from discussions based on financial and workforce factors, and personal preferences. The first outreach will be to candidate localities with a Request for Information about the factors that are important to you. All inquiries are done on an anonymous basis – your project will be identified only by a code name. When results are evaluated, a report will be provided to you that identifies the most promising locations that warrant your consideration.

Phase II – Selecting Semi-Finalist Communities: That report will provide comparisons regarding costs based on your specific jobs, leasing, utility rates, taxes and fees, the regulatory environment, supply-chain considerations and potential economic incentives. Quality of life factors will include the cost of living, cost of housing, quality of local schools, personal income tax rates, crime, and other aspects that affect employees. Next, semi-finalist communities are selected that warrant deeper data gathering to determine finalists.

Phase III – Finalist Locations / Due Diligence: After identifying finalists (usually three), first-hand impressions are gathered by visiting the areas, speaking with local officials and business leaders, and meeting with workforce experts. You also can be briefed by commercial real estate brokers or residential realtors, which can be followed by inspecting buildings or land and also touring residential neighborhoods. Now the site selection decision is narrowed to pinpointed areas within a metropolitan area. If it appears that the company will qualify for economic incentives, negotiations will occur with the goal of obtaining an offer. (Note: Even through most of Phase III, your company's confidentiality can be maintained through continued use of your project code.)

'The hardest part is getting started'

We hear that from virtually everyone. The question "Should I stay or should I go?" can be resolved through coaching, which is proven to help business leaders make strategic decisions. In fact, Joe is known as "The Business Relocation Coach." As many as 40% of Fortune 500 companies use Executive Coaches because of the benefits to individual and organizational performance. Your project can be demystified by coaching, with no persuasion to proceed to a site selection project. See details at Confidential One Day Coaching for Business Owners.


Whether you are a family-owned business, a mid-sized company, or a large publicly-held corporation, services will be customized to meet your requirements.

For a free initial consultation, contact Joe by email or by calling 949-551-3150. You are guaranteed Instant Confidentiality.


Our Mission
"I offer unbiased help for those looking to enhance the success of their enterprise through location or relocation projects. In doing so, I collect extensive data on prospective areas relevant to the company. When requested, I also serve as a coach – a sounding board – to explore personal priorities and to resolve differences of opinion among co-owners about future plans for the company.

Special Help for Business Owners

I offer a confidential coaching session in your headquarters or off-site location to address three basic questions:
  • “Should we stay or should we go?”
  • “If we go, where do we go?”
  • “How much will a location research project cost?”
See details at Confidential One Day Coaching for Business Owners.

Everything that I do is individualized to help select the optimum location to meet your business and lifestyle goals. I will add that my philosophy is corny, but true: “I don’t want to be tolerated by my clients, I want to be celebrated!”

Please read Our Commitments for an understanding of the ways that I and my associates will work to earn and keep your trust." – Joe Vranich


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